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Peninsula Tire
Peninsula Tire

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Winter Tire & Winter Rim Packages

New & Used Tires in St. Catharines

Peninsula Tire has a large selection of Tires and we constantly restock our inventory, and if by chance we do not have a tire size in stock, we will gladly order them for you.

Our staff has the knowledge, experience, equipment, and product line to cater to anyone's needs, from a simple tire replacement to a brand new upsize wheel and tire package. Ordered tires come in within 24 hours.

Our Specializations

  • New and used tires at competitive prices

  • Low profile tire installation and balancing available

  • Wheel balancing, new valves, wheel weights, and cleaning (all included with tire prices)

  • Winter tire and rim packages

  • We have a road force balancer. 

  • Flat repairs

Peninsula Tire


Tires & Rims

All new and used tire purchases include:

  • Free installation

  • Free balancing

  • New valves

  • Free tire disposal

  • Free cleaning and grinding of rims

Peninsula Tire

Tire Repair

Peninsula Tire

(Air pressure loss, punctures, nail holes)

At Peninsula Tire, we specialize in providing prompt and expert service for tire repairs for any make and model of the vehicle (car & truck). For more information, please contact us or drop in at the shop today.

Tire Balancing

Peninsula Tire

Proper tire balance is important as it reduces tire wear, increases the tire's longevity, makes driving safer, and enhances vehicle performance. We ensure superior accuracy and superior value to all our customers by using:

  • Top-of-the-line laser-assisted wheel balancers

  • The finest American-made tire mounting machines that avoid contact with rims.

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